Audition information for The River City Mixed Chorus Fall 2021 concert season is forth coming, please email us at to join our list.

Please review the Auditions FAQ below to answer questions you may have regarding joining the Chorus as a singing member.


What is the audition process?

If you want to audition for the Chorus, you’ll first want to email us at A Chorus representative will then follow up with you to set up an audition appointment. The auditions are casual and last about 5 minutes—just bring yourself, you don’t need to prepare any music for the audition. While auditioning, you’ll be asked to sing part of a very well-known song and do some vocal exercises to assess your vocal range and ability. You’ll receive an email a few days after auditioning letting you know if you have been accepted into RCMC.

Do I have to have a strong musical background to sing with RCMC?

Although basic singing ability is required, you don’t need to have a strong musical background to sing with RCMC. The Chorus is made up of people from diverse musical backgrounds who love to sing. Our members’ musical experience is diverse, ranging from those who have never sang in a chorus before to those who hold advanced music degrees.

How often does RCMC rehearse?

RCMC holds regular rehearsals from 6:45 to 9:15 p.m. every Monday at First United Methodist Church in Omaha (7020 Cass St). In addition to our regular rehearsals, the Chorus holds one weekend retreat each session and also 3-4 rehearsals during Tech Week, which is the week prior to our main concerts in December, March, and June. Members must attend 80% of rehearsals to be eligible to perform in our main concerts.

How often does RCMC perform?

The Chorus has three main concerts each season, a holiday concert in December, a Spring concert in March, and a Summer concert in June or July. In addition to our main concerts, the Chorus usually does 2-4 smaller outreach performances in the community during each session.

How much does it cost to join the chorus?

Annual Dues $25 (for the entire season, Aug through Jun)
Winter Session (Aug-Dec) Fee $100
Spring Session (Jan-March) Fee $100
Summer Session (April-July) Fee $100

Performance Wardrobe $65-$75 (one-time payment; alterations are at singer’s expense)

The session fees and cost for performance wardrobe are waived for youth 23 and under; however, the annual dues of $25 are still required.

Is financial assistance available?

Yes! The Ryan-Knicely Scholarship Fund, established in memory of beloved former Chorus member Peggy Ryan and her partner Nan Knicely, is available to ensure cost is not a barrier to anyone wishing to sing with the Chorus. The scholarship can be used to cover the costs of session fees and performance wardrobe; however, the annual dues of $25 and any cost for alterations are still the responsibility of the singer. Members can request financial assistance by filling out the assistance request form at the beginning of the session. The form is then sent to our board of directors for review and approval.


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